When considering travel insurance, it's a small price to pay to protect your investment.

  • What if you or an immediate family member become ill before you travel
  • Your flight is delayed and you miss a night of your vacation
  • You need medical attention while traveling
  • Unforseen expenses due to trip interruption
  • The airline you are scheduled to travel with goes on strike
  • You or your traveling companion need emergency medical transport back home
  • A family member back home is hospitalized and you need to return home
  • Your luggage never arrives at your final destination
  • Your unable to leave your job for vacation due to unforseen circumstances

Purchase your insurance within 15 days after your initial deposit and be covered for pre-existing conditions both for passengers and immediate family members.

Although we hope none of the situations listed occur before or during our holiday, travel insurance will give you peace of mind while traveling.

Please call (336) 434-3867 or if you have questions or need more information.